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Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd are professional providers of high quality Legionella risk assessment of all water systems, from domestic type office systems to large process systems in food factories and foundries etc. Unlike many companies, WHS provide a fully bespoke Legionella risk assessment and Legionella control program for your site, making it easy to manage the risks on an ongoing basis.

A Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement under both the Health & Safety at Work Act and the COSHH regulations. It allows you to assess the Legionella risk and control the exposure to Legionella and in doing so prevent the potentially fatal pneumonia, Legionellosis (Legionnaire's Disease). Without a Legionella risk assessment you run the risk of prosecution by the HSE, even if no-one actually contracts Legionnaire's Disease.

It is a sad fact that many Legionella risk assessments are simply template driven tick boxes that do not interrogate the water system as a whole, looking only at individual assets. This can provide a false sense of security and leave you vulnerable to prosecution in the event of an outbreak. We only use qualified and experienced staff with the full support of our Managing Director, a PhD qualified microbiologist with many years experience in Legionella control. Our assessors will visit site and spend time examining all parts of the water system, including current management regimes, in order to produce a comprehensive report.

Factors such as material of pipe work, usage of the system and the people likely to come into contact with the water system will all be examined in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of risk. Our reports are fully site specific and include details of current risk with a list of remedial actions required to reduce the current risk. They also contain a site specific Legionella control schedule to allow ongoing management of the risks.

When obtaining quotes for a Legionella risk assessment firstly ensure your provider is a member of the Legionella Control Association and then ask for previous examples to compare the depth of information and specificity of the report. This will ensure that you get a high quality provider and are comparing like for like in terms of value for money.