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Save Money By Using Alternative Fuel for Your Car

One of the many green programmes advocated by auto manufacturers is the use of substitute fuels. Not only do they reduce harmful gas emissions but they also lessen our dependency on petrol.

Here are some of them:

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)

  • This is one of the most convenient because it is accessible to everyone. This is also cheaper especially when you compare how much gasoline is consumed to cover the same distance that an LPG can.
  • This reduces the maintenance costs for cars because it does not pass through cylinder walls and it also does not dilute carbon particles into the oil.

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)

  • This is less expensive compared to the previous item and this also requires less maintenance costs.
  • This reduces the emissions of internal combustion engines and it has ever since been featured in many Honda and Ford vehicles.
  • This is heavier and bigger compared to the previous item because its aluminium tanks are thicker and are reinforced with fibreglass.


  • This is produced through the fermentation of biomass which is why this is sometimes known as wood alcohol.
  • This can be used the same way that petrol is so there is no need to replace some of the working parts of the engine.
  • This can be mixed with gasoline in the fuel tank and it can still power any mode of transportation, be it a sports car or a utility vehicle.


  • This is made by fermenting a specific kind of biomass, usually corn or wheat grain.
  • This is highly renewable and extremely cheap. It can also be mixed with any type of petrol and it can still power cars like clock work.
  • Water is one of the many substances used to ferment this; most manufacturers avail of risk assessments for their water systems to make sure that the water is free of legionella.

In fact, water is still important in the maintenance of your vehicles, whether it is for simple washing, cleansing the engine, or mixing of alternative fuels.