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Keeping Our Water Bacteria and Germ-Free

Water is one of the most important elements found on this earth, that is, aside from the air that we breathe. Therefore it is only logical that we do our fair share of keeping it safe and clean. However, you should be aware that the substance that flourishes our bodies can also give us dreaded water-borne diseases such as legionella.

The Disease It is contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets containing legionellae or by drinking water contaminated by the said bacteria. Common symptoms of this condition may include loss of energy, headache, nausea, high fever, aching muscles, and chest pains. It may also eventually cause death if the body's antibodies cannot cope up with it. Moreover, there is the great risk that the victims who survive may suffer permanent, mental illness.

The Prevention Keeping our water clean is the first step. Therefore, keeping legionellae out of our bodies is key to preventing the disease. For instance, plumbing systems can be maintained to eliminate or minimise the growth of the bacteria. If preventive measures alone cannot control the bacteria, disinfection methods can implemented.

It important that we take good care of what has been given to us. We have to protect the natural resource that nourishes, flourishes, and gives life to us. Otherwise, our health and that of our loved ones will be the one to suffer from our neglect. With the help of this site which provides high quality risk assessments, we can ensure that our drinking water is safe for us to take in.